Thursday, 17 April 2014

50 facts about me

 Can't believe how long it took me to do this but here 50 facts about me
  1. I'm almost 6ft
  2. I can eat a whole ball of mozerella as a snack, I don't like it with other food
  3. Teen wolf is probably my favourite show
  4. I've reasently really started to like salad
  5. I study 4 subjects at college, media,photography,law & sociology
  6. I have met 5sos and Louis 
  7. I'm obsessed with Polaroids 
  8. Pizza is my weakness 
  9. I'm really close to my dads side of the family 
  10. I'm always on my phone , normally tumblr 
  11. I have never broke a bone
  12. I love rom coms, could probably watch them all day
  13. I normally revise a lot for exams (my family say I revise too much)
  14. I want to go to York uni to study film and television production 
  15. My cat is the friendliest cat in the world (no joke)
  16. I care too much about what people think about me
  17. I am so awkward the first time I talk to someone but after 5 minutes I'm normally fine 
  18. My favourite place in the world is Barbados 
  19. I have been on like 7 cruises 
  20. Traveling is my favourite thing to do 
  21. I use to collect me to you bears (oh good god I have loads)
  22. I'm more of a saver than a spender 
  23. I day dream way too much 
  24. I love nicknames , like if someone calls people by their last name
  25. I procrastinate way too much 
  26. I do bad puns all the time 
  27. My friends take the piss by saying I look like I could be Ashton Irwin's sister
  28. This is a lot harder than I originally thought 
  29.  I have never been to America 
  30. I have suddenly become obsessed with 5sos 
  31. I can't have the tv or radio volume on a odd number but I don't mind if it's a 5
  32. I'm quite good at remembering what happens in my dreams but I can never control them
  33. Recently my music taste has changed a lot and I think it's down to Dan and Phil on radio one.....
  34. Negative people really get on my nerves
  35. My first celebrity crush was Ray Quinn and I met him the other day
  36. Internet friends are probably the coolest people in the works
  37. I collect lollipops from special occasions (I have one from Disney land and others from family events)
  38. I really like my part time job because a lot happens within the day
  39. I have to be in the mood to blog and always want to do hauls but never get round to it 
  40. I have to colour coordinate my wardrobe because I find it easier to find my clothes that way
  41. I will over play songs if I like them to a stage where I can't listen to it anymore
  42. Going to concerts are probably one of my Favourite things to do
  43. It literally took me a month to complete this because I couldn't think of 50 facts
  44. I passed my driving test with 14 minors (yes if I got one more I would have failed) 
  45. I talk a bit too fast sometimes and people have to ask me to slow down 
  46. I am always listening to music 
  47. I like bands too much and I really wish I didn't like them at all
  48. I always have really cold feet so I live in bed socks
  49. I have a fear of people chasing me up the stair , I don't know why. The fear is called LUIPISLIPOPHOBIA
  50. When someone changes the volume it HAS to be an even number or a 5 or it really annoys me 
So I think I'm going to do a haul soon or a post with techniques on how to revise , but whatever I do it'll be more interesting haha 

Lauren x

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