Tuesday, 14 April 2015


- A moment of sudden and great revelation or realisation. 

Story time... So just the other day I was shopping in Manchester and we had to get a bus from the centre to Trafford centre, we ended up getting on a different bus to the one we wanted but it went to the same place so it was fine. It was at this point I had a sudden epiphany, similar to the feeling I got when I looked around the University Of York and had the 'I need to go to this uni or my life won't go in the direction I desperately need it to go in' moment. It sounds so cliche but as we drove past media city and I saw the ITV and BBC studios I knew thats where I wanted to be, what I want to do with my life. Then I saw the apartment behind the studio in Manchester and was just so excited at the thought of living there in just a few years...... 

I know its not as simple as oh I want that job so i'm going to get it but now I know what I want I have something to aim for! I'm one of them people who needs a goal or something to look forward to and now this is it! I'm just so excited at the thought of getting on a tv set and helping produce content for everyone to see. For now it's just a goal, my plans can change and its not a definite.I could get an internship with a smaller company or hell I could start my own production company(If I had a pretty good compadre to help with the adventure) but yeah for now i'm excited for my extremely uncertain and competitive career path and the bumps along the way.

I would say float through life but thats not the best way to go,having a little plan is always nice and if things don't go the way you want then just get back up and find a new path to go on, sometimes a different adventure is the best adventure you can go on!

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Friday, 3 April 2015


So it's been a while since I did an update, well a blog post in general! My bad, anyway i've been overly busy doing exactly what I wanted 2015 to be about, travelling, meeting people and making memories!

Lately though all i've been doing is revising for a science exam.... I study film and television, I would say I didn't sign up for this but actually I did.....

So last month I decided to do something pretty spontaneous, and that was to book tickets to go see The Script an hour before the show started! The tickets I booked looked good but never as good as I expected them to be. We were front row of the seated area with the best view in the place when they moved to the little stage. On the way to the train station we discovered that Tinie Tempah was the support act so you can just imagine how great that was to dance to as soon as we got in!

Even though i'm someone who normally likes to plan everything down to the smallest detail that day was something completely different and I wouldn't have changed it for the world.

Carrying on with the music topic i've changed my music taste a little lately, i'm basically obsessed with Sam Smith,The XX, James Bay and Years and Years. I know i'm late on the 'bandwagon' with most of them but they are great and i'm determined to somehow get ticket to their sold out gigs!

Another big thing was my trip to Paris! We had it planned for a while but had to slightly change it last minute. We had a few nightmares but over all it was an amazing break and we had a great time but I will hopefully do a full blog post on that when I get a spare 5 minutes to think.

Of course lately i've been going out and just enjoying my time at uni with people, if thats going out for dinner or going clubbing. 

My main tip right now is don't full focus on 'I cant do that because I don't have money', yes money doesn't buy happiness but whats the point in saving it when you can spontaneously book concert tickets?