Friday, 20 June 2014


So I know its been a very long time since my last post and I'm sure I said I was going to get into a routine but looks like I didn't because of exams!(I've been revising since mid March so yeah)

Hopefully ill be back onto it after holidays so probably end of July, but I really want to get back into this again so I'm going to actually make a list of what I'm going to be doing 

  • Revision tips
  • Future/longer update with pictures and stuff
  • Girls holiday post
  • Family holiday post
  • Hauls 
  • Uni stuff haul
  • Hopefully some media so film/tv based posts
  • More monthly favourites 
  • 100 things that make me happy
  • Transformation tuesday post
And I'm going to catch up on Gaby aka anothergirlyblg's post challenge/ideas and these will include:

  • Summer bucket list/to-do list
  • Meal plan/recipie/food related post
  • Hair (very broad but exciting)
  • Music/ playlist
  • Some OOTD posts
  • Week/day in pictures
  • High end/ high street
  • Book review

Ill hopefully slowly get through these by the end of summer and as I go through I will cross them off and add new ones so people can actually keep up to date with what I'm doing for a change !

Thanks for reading 
Lauren :) x

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