Sunday, 3 November 2013

October favourites

So I thought I would share just some of my favourites from last month, hope you enjoy...

Butternut squash soup is such a wintery flavor that is perfect for dinner after a cold day.

I have had a few different flavored pop tarts and bought the frosted strawberry sensation on a whim, since they are the most popular and I have got to say they are so nice, they taste like jam tarts with icing , well that is how I would describe them anyway aha. 
Very similar to the tangle teaser however the babyliss has a
handle so i just thought it would be better.

These are some nail varnishes i have been liking
ever since i bought them.
I love all the Marc Jacobs range , however Dot is probably my favourite this month.

The L'Oreal Elvive shampoo, conditioner and hair 
mask is possibly the best hair care I have ever
used and I would totally recommend it.

I have used my Polaroid quite a bit this month which
reminds me just how much i love it.

Since its getting darker outside I have got obsessed
with candles again, below is the Yankee
Halloween special candy corn which smells of
American sweets.

Lately I have started to wear my double Pandora bracelet that i got from the Caribbean about 3 years ago.

Bobble hats are so perfect this season.

Probably my most worn jumper - H&M £12.99
This dress from Dorothy Perkins is so perfect, quite
similar to the Topshop dress for a fraction of the price.
Dorothy Perkins £18

And to finish off ,my favourite film this year has to be Now You See Me, I will probably do a full review on a separate blog post because enjoyed it so much.

 Lauren x


  1. great post, always nice to see what other people like and recommend! :) xx

    Leyla Writes...