Saturday, 23 November 2013

The 'Christmas Eve Box'

 Firstly you lucky people for getting 2 blog posts in 1 week!
So for Christmas this year Holly and I decided to do the Christmas eve box tradition , I saw this on Becky's aka milkbubbleteas blog (will link it at the bottom) and it just looked so cute and perfect. Basically its a box that you fill with items for Christmas eve so pjs, chocolate, bed socks etc. So I thought I would share some of the things I have got Holly, and if Holly is reading this you need to stop before you ruin your present haha!
So this is the box in its entirety , yes there is a lot of tartan but Holly and I have a joke going about tartan and she loves it so its fine.Some of the other things I couldn't resist picking up include the cute little milky bar polar bear and the huge hot chocolate mug that I actually wouldn't mind keeping myself especially to go with the marshmallows that I have hidden at the bottom. The Yankee scent Christmas eve was also perfect to go with the present since she will be getting it on Christmas eve !


Above I included some of my favourite pieces that have picked up so far, if anyone would like to know where any of it is from or anything else in the box comment below, also comment if you would like to see a blog post about the box Holly gets me after Christmas.But this is a great idea of a present to do with your friends if you are really not sure what to do this Christmas!
Lauren x

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