Wednesday, 1 January 2014

2014 blogger challenge - New Years Inspirations

So it 2014 already ! Its come around so quick. A few weeks ago I decided to take part in the 2014 blogger challenge which means I will be given a topic to blog about every 2 weeks so my posts will be more regular! 

So I decided to choose this quote from misfits, mainly because its one of my favorites but also because it helps me explain my point that you should live life to the full and do whatever you want to do ! Yes everyone screws up every so often but you cant make an omelet without breaking some eggs. Maybe don't be as outgoing as Nathan (since hes a fictional character) but if you have your mind set on something you should get on with it and go do it ! If you don't want to go to uni don't let someone force you into it , alternatively do not let anyone hold you back. What i'm trying to say is do what makes you happy this year, make 2014 new , different , maybe even slightly scary (in a good way) by doing something different that your 2013 self couldn't see you doing in a million years because in the words of Nathan we owe it to ourselves to party hard and you never know you may even get an amazing outcome!

Lauren x

Well that turned into a waffley paragraph aha ! Next 2014 blogger challenge will be up around the 14th I think? But if you are taking part in the challenge comment below and I will follow back!

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  1. Well said! Thanks for sharing this with us :) I have posted my post for this topic on my blog, let me know what you think.
    Yours Truly, NY