Tuesday, 21 January 2014

2014 blogger challenge - Skin care

So for this week as part of the blogger challenge we have to talk about skin care. Lately I feel that my skin has improved and this is because of 2 things (i think). Firstly I have changed my diet so I eat a lot more home cooked healthier meals and less salty ready meals. I have also started drinking a lot more water, this has really helped because I feel more hydrated and a lot less tired. 

These are the products I have been using on my skin. The first image contains the Clearasil products I use, I highly recommend the one in the silver tube because it reduces the size of spots really quickly. 

The cleansing lotion I get is boots essential cucumber and it is so good, I can't use the expensive cleansing lotion as it brings me out in more spots and stings my eyes but this product doesn't actually bring me out in spots.

The moisturisers i don't use on my face because they are fragranced, I mainly use these on my arms and legs because they are so creamy and smell divine. 

Thanks for reading and if you recommend any skin care products pop them in the comments 

Lauren x

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