Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Holiday - Kavos

So last month I went on a girls trip to Kavos. If you're unsure whether to book a girls holiday to Kavos all I'm going to say is do it ! It was such an experience.

I stayed at a place called Olympian Village which was a short walk from the strip, personally I really liked the hotel because we had our own little apartment. In general the staff were really nice but they had so many rules and fines (I'm still shocked we didn't get fined for the shower curtain!) a couple of people we met got fined so if you're thinking about staying there watch out. When it comes to staff there is only one person you actually need and thats Sydney who's the rep who works for Cosmos ,he is one of the funniest guys you will meet and will give you the best deals on trips and just full of banter.
From what I did I would 100% recommend doing the super paint party because it was such an experience, its only 25 euros and you get a top as well as entry. I would recommend wearing old short because mine got absolutely wrecked as well as my flip flops. We also did the full moon party which was good but probably not worth the 35 euros we payed so just go out on the strip.

Club wise i would recommend Buzz, Rockys (it doesn't get overly busy but the music is great and the djs are from my home town so its a great way to get shout outs haha), the rolling stones was good if you like old classics that you can dance and sing to and Maddisons is pretty good as well.

Well now its time to talk about my personal experience. So I don't even know where to start....
Its pretty easy to talk to people and make friends especially if you are in a small group, we basically went out with different people each night. On the second to last night we went out with a group of 10 guys and they all got so pissed, we had to take on to the clinic because he drank the equivalent of 45 shots.... Theres so much that happened but I couldn't write it all down as others may see and honestly it would be the longest blog post in creation, I could probably write a book about the week we had.

So my top tips are don't drink loads of head fuckers because they will get to your head and do you over, I saw this happen to multiple people. Also take a small bag or a bum bag because the amount of times I didn't have any pockets and needed a bag was actually ridiculous. 

My main tip would be to put yourself out your comfort zone, talk to people, dance on the tables and just have a good time because you never know what could happen and if its bad you will never see the people again so what have you got to loose ?

What happens in Kavos stays in kavos...... I guess !

 With the girls and the some of the Manchester lads. (professional photo but rubbish quality)
 I really can't remember where the girls were from but they were absolutely hilarious.
 With some of the Manchester guys again.
The girls.

 The paint party before the paint, you can see me just of centre, basically my long arm in the air aha.
 Plane there.
 Pre paint party selfies.
Our room on the last day.

Lauren x

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