Saturday, 2 August 2014

July favourites

Well July has just ended so I thought whats better than a new favourites post.

Tv, films , books & music

So I shall start with tv shows. Well at the end of July I became completely obsessed with American horror story. I have just started season 3 and I am obsessed with it already but I did miss season 2 because it just didn't appeal to me because of the plot and it doesn't have Taissa Farmiga in and she is my favourite character, well along with Evan Peters.

When it comes to films I can think of 2, I did go see TFIOS which was great but I don't know I wasn't completely blown away, I did cry multiple times but I expected it to be different. Another good film was 22 jump street which is bloody hilarious to say the least, I had to wipe tears away half way through the film but you can definitely tell its a sequel its just not as good as 21 jump street but it has a hell of a lot of intertextual references to the first film.

At the end of july i managed to finish the book chain reaction which is the final book in the perfect chemistry series. I know the collection is pretty old and I have had the books for a year but I have only just read the last one and for the last half of the book I just couldn't put it down it was incredible. I would 100% recommend the trilogy to anyone.

Music wise I have been enjoying more clubby songs since I went to Kavos end of June and when I was on my cruise we went to the club every night so yeah my music taste is changing every day. I know they both came out late June but I only got my hands on them in July since I was away but 5 Seconds of Summer's album and Ed Sheeran's album are both incredible and if you haven't given them a listen I would totally recommend them. With 5sos my absolute favourite is end up here and with Ed Sheeran my favourites are afire love and thinking out loud.


There are a couple of products I can mention here, first I shall talk about lip products. 2 main products have stood out and been very helpful since I have been in the sun. First the watermelon flavoured malibu lip care which tastes divine to start with and it really moisturises your lips and protects them from the sun. The second product is Cliniques chubby stick in the shade 07 super strawberry, I actually got this for free when I picked up the July addition of glamour magazine and I have fallen in love with it ! Its quite a subtle colour but its still very cute. I will be picking up a full size one when I have finished with the small version.

I would also recommend 2 spot products these are all by neutrogena I have the tangerine and lime daily wash and scrub which work really well for your face and smell divine. I also have the body wash and scrub in pink grapefruit which works really well. I've had small spots on my back for as long as I can remember and this product has definitely helped in reducing them so I would recommend them to anyone having back acne problem.


When I was on my cruise I discovered a shop called Pull and Bear and absolutely fell in love. I think its a European shop based in Spain but it has a lot of cute stuff at reasonable prices so its basically a Spanish H&M and since I have a huge love for H&M its not a surprise I fell in love with Pull and Bear.

I have also found that this month Primark has been great, I have been wearing a lot of clothes from there when I went away, mainly skirts and shorts but they definitely serve a purpose and its so cheap that if they do get ruined its not the end of the world. I got a pair of sandals for my holiday and wore them every day and completely distorted them but its fine because they only cost about £8 I think.

My final shop is B&M, I've always been a fan on the shop since it has a huge variety of stuff for a decent price but at the moment I'm looking for uni stuff and they have great stuff. Soon I'm doing a uni stuff haul where I shall show the stuff I have got (will link here when it has gone live) .


In June I got my mac but I still haven't really put it down its basically my baby so its definitely still a favourite.

I also ordered cards against humanity at the end of July since I've only heard good reviews, I haven't had chance to play it yet but I can tell its going to be brilliant because of the nature of the crude cards.

Also since I have been travelling a lot I have discovered a love for Barcelona. Since I only spent one day there I didn't see too much but what I did see was absolutely beautiful and I'm pretty excited to go back soon.

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