Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Transformation Tuesday

The other day I was looking through old photos and realised how much I've changed over the years so I thought I would get out my hard drive and show you my terrible photos and how I've changed over time so enjoy!
Back in 2004.... I'm not sure why I wanted that stone over the others...

2005.... attractive times

Still 2005....

I look so happy to have a younger cousin

Next top model

2005 selfie game strong...

Bit happier to see my cousin a year later


2007 family wedding

2007 holiday

2009..... I look overly happy about shuffle board

2010 when I lived in jumpers....

Very happy about the Caribbean heat but my legs look good aha


Went crabbing and managed to catch a fish, standard Lauren.

2012... 16th birthday

I don't even know

2012... didn't expect that


Looking very lanky

2013 cruise

Ugly selfies are my number 1 talent

Halloween being a conventional cat

Raining at lands end

Hair game so strong

2014 .... spent my birthday doing this

Before 2014 holiday

2014 cruise

Another cruise photo


Stalking bands 

Concert times

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