Saturday, 20 December 2014

My 2014

I thought since its already basically the end of 2014 I thought I would do a post summarising my whirlwind of a year.... probably one of the best years but 2013 was pretty hard to follow!

So January is a big month in my family since there are a lot of birthday, my cousin, grandad etc but after looking through my photos on my computer I took about 2 photos that month! However I do remember being very snowed under with work from college especially photography(how ccoincidental. I also remember getting my uni offers in so I had to step up my work to get the grades.

The main thing that happened in February was on valentines day (surprisingly enough) was the day I met 5sos! Which was a pretty cool day because they are a group of lovely guys! And then I managed to get tickets to their gig later that month.

I think March was the month I started revising so I literally did nothing else! Im looking through my phone photos and all I can see is a party I went to and some modelling stuff I did for Hollys photoshoot.

April was also a month of very little happening until I bumped into Ray Quinn aka my first ever celebrity crush so that was very bizarre! Also Amy's 'gathering'(not allowed to be called a party anymore for certain reasons) 

May was the main revision month and start of exams with the 31st May being the day I went to the 1D concert.

June was probably one of the biggest months of the year! I had all my exams in June, my 18th birthday, my dads 50th and I went on holiday with the girls to Kavos which was one of the best weeks of the year(even if we did want to come home half way through)! So all in all a great month.

In July I went on my family holiday on a cruise around France,Spain and Portugal which was great since I love travelling and I met some amazing people.

And August probably one of the most stressful months, I spent most of the month worrying about my grades to get into uni! I remember on the morning of results day I woke up at 5 and had to watch Jacksgap videos to try calm myself down. When the results came through I was pretty sure I had got into uni but I didn't want to say anything until I was 100% sure since the grades I got weren't as good as I expected but after another 45 minute wait I got my confirmation email that I got into York university which has to be the best thing that has happened to me in a very long time! The rest of the month was spent shopping for stuff to take to uni which was fun but turned out quite expensive. 

September was a slow month for me, everyone was moving to uni and I was getting left behind as I didn't move in till the 23rd meaning I was at home worrying about the course and my potential flat mates. However when time to move in came around we had the best week of freshers possible.... absolutely mental.

October was the first full month I spent at uni, I spend the month meeting new people and just generally having good time. Some days were hard feeling homesick or just down about work but I guess you need a few days to just have a sit down and think about life.

November basically consisted of me trying to find my feet at uni and cope without living at home (which I've realised is great). I got really close with people in my flat and it made uni life so much easier even when I was having breakdowns about the workload! Also to finish the month and effectively the uni term we had the winter ball which was a hilarious night.

December was the month I realised life is too short to worry about uni and to just put myself out there! I made a hell of a lot of friends on my course because I thought I can't worry about being tired the next day because making memories is so much more important! I also got a job at Jack Wills for christmas which is an incredible opportunity, it's meant i've had to go out my comfort zone to talk to people and just put myself out there.

So to sum ip 2014 the year has mainly been about putting myself out there and making memories, meeting people, talking to people I normally wouldn't and just having a good time. It took me so long to realise it doesn't matter what people think about you because in the end who actually cares!


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