Monday, 22 December 2014

New years resolutions

I thought I would write down my resolutions so maybe I will stick to the this year!

Get fit - I've already been going to the gym a bit but with work I haven't been going as much as I would like to so when uni starts again thats a must.

Take a trip- This is extremely generic but I do want to explore more and take lots of photos! I really miss photography after finising my course at college and need to get back into it which leads me to my next resolution....

Take more photos- Taking lots of photos is the best way to capture memories and I want 2015 to be all about capturing memories and seizing the moment!

Meet new people- In 2014 I've met some amazing people and want that to continue through out my time at uni and make long lasting relationships with people.

Make time for people- Since starting uni time has been a big problem for me and I need to priorities it better! I need to make time to call my family or go see them for a few days and not leave it 2 months!

Enjoy life more- I need to stop caring what people thing and live life to the full, stop looking at negatives and focus on the positives.

Learn something new- Well I have asked for a ukulele for christmas so thats that sorted!

Blog more!!!- I love blogging and for some reason don't do it regularly enough for my liking!

Listen to a more diverse taste of music- I do try to listen to a variety of music but for some reason always end up listening to the same mopey music!


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