Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Final thoughts of 2014

So its the last day of 2014 and I thought I would do a post to sum up the year with some final thoughts.

So 2014 has been full of ups and downs but i've learnt quite a bit of stuff......

Family time is important! Since going to uni i've been guilty of not going home so I haven't seen my family too much. This term i'm going to try get home at least once a month, ring my grandparents each week and ring my dad every few days because talking to family is very important especially when you are all very close.

My flat are pretty chill..... maybe sometimes we are a little too chill so next year we need to go out more! We get in the mood to go out days before then it gets to the night and we are like mehhh lets just watch the apprentice, and thats the reasons we are a flat of awesome losers! No i'm joking I do love everyone in the flat but next term we are getting in the official uni mood and going out every week!

This year i've also met lots of new people and next term I really hope to make more! Socialising more will definitely help with this. I just need to put myself out there more and not be so shy!

Ive also learnt this year to listen to friends but make up your own mind on things! I know I said this in one of my older blog posts but its so true. I'm someone who definitely needs closure before I can leave something alone so I needed to do something for me that others may not have agreed on, if YOU need to do something do it for you!!

I would say the main thing i've learnt happened in the last couple of days.... sometimes you just need to move on, it may hurt but literally it only hurts for a day? then it slowly just stops. People change how they feel about you and its crappy but that life, and sometimes your opinion changes on people and for yourself you have to move on. Don't believe EVERYTHING people say, they could be saying it to please you at the time, you don't know if they really mean it. And if people are making excuses just leave before you can get hurt.

Also don't overthink stuff, or the worst thing you can do.... let your brain think up thoughts that are never going to happen. You will imagine these perfect scenarios that will never happen and thats the brain just being a massive dick! 

So from the last few points you can probably figure out that something happened to me lately... which leads to my next thought, 2015 is going to be about friendships. I'm not looking for anything from anyone but if someone comes along and it feels right then yeah maybe but for now I am so content in being by myself because people are just a lot of hassle, just find someone who makes you happy and is there when you have a problem even if for now you tell your friend about your problems, if they don't want to help they aren't even friends never mind anything more than that.

I've just realised how down this post is and realised that 2014 has been a year that has given me a hell of a lot of confidence, it started in Kavos in June on holiday and that carried on throughout the rest of the year and a high point was probably when I got my job since I have to talk to people all the time which i'm still getting use to but its getting better! I've learnt that a little compliment can make someone feel 1000 times better about themselves so if you get the chance compliment someone or just be kind to people!

So 2015 is going to be about 
  • Getting fit
  • Eating healthier
  • Getting all my work to a really high standard
  • Meeting new people
  • Making memories
  • Taking more photos and just having a good time.
A main part of 2015 is going to be chasing opportunities that I wouldn't normally have, this is going to be in the form of work because I would like to get some experience in the media industry! 

Im not saying new year new me ..... just new year improved me!!!
Hope you had a great 2014 and heres to an amazing 2015


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