Sunday, 18 January 2015

Things to do to make you happy

So lately I have been a bit down with stuff that shouldn't be getting me down but you know what you have to do... pick yourself back up smile and get the hell back to be being happy because life is way to short.

  • Find good videos or pictures that make you smile! These can be just about anything, ill try and link some stupid ones I like....

    Cody Ko on vine.....

  • Every month I plan on doing something new or traveling because thats what I love! So in January i'm going to give radio hosting  a go and then in February/March i'm going to Madrid with Holly for a long weekend(because we are single as fuck so why not spend valentines day looking like a lesbian couple!) 
A really good place to get cheapish holidays are here...
  • Constantly surround yourself with people you like and have a good laugh with.
  • Set goals and don't let anything get in the way! Basically the dream internship has come up in a few months and to prepare myself I need to set goals of being better at editing and stuff like that so i'm going to go into uni more to work on pro tools and learning the science behind cameras. Don't let anything stop you!
  • Just focus on things that make you happy, this can be places, people, things, basically anything as long as it will get you through the bad mood I guess its worth it.
  • I'm a big believer in signs and fait, if something is meant to happen it will! and i'm honestly not sure if this is a good or bad thing. I always dwell on the past and believe if somethings gone wrong it's my fault when in fact it's probably not. So to move on just live in the moment and try not to focus on the past...
  • and if all goes wrong get a pizza and watch a good film!!

I doubt that helped but thats what I do when i'm not feeling great (especially the last one... thats what a student loan is for a hell of a lot of pizza)!

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