Sunday, 1 February 2015

January Favourites

So we are already a month into 2015 (how the hell did that happen?!) So I thought I would do a January favourites!

So I think my number 1 favourite of the month is my turntable and vinyls (which I listen to basically every day) Even though the turntable was quite expensive I think they are worth it because they make the room just more welcoming and have a nice ambience, its just a good thing to have when you're revising.... especially Tom Odell.

Another favourite is my camera(which I did get in December but oh well, i've still got to get some film in it for when I go away but because its a lomography camera it should give some interesting outcomes.

I saw a really good quote from a book and decided to order the book and i've had it for a few days and its really good so far! I'm about a third of the way in and I'm getting really into it. Since starting uni I've found that making time to read when its not to do with the course is difficult, I don't even do the mandatory reading any more!

A favourite for this month as cheesy as it sounds is my course friends! I've been out with my course friends a lot lately and we are booking to go to Disneyland this week(I can't even explain how excited I am about that) I've realised it's good to go out and get a bit tipsy but the best way to end an ftp night is a huge pizza and a deep chat!

I am also obsessed with Maybelline super stay gel nail colour especially Mint for life and Extreme blackcurrant. I would say the Mint for life is more spring but its still really nice to wear now.Here's a link to the nail varnish.....

Clothes wise I am in love with my jeans I got from New Look. Basically there was a huge glitch and when you spend £15 you got £15 off so I ordered some jeans and they are the comfiest pair I own. They are about half the price of Topshop and I would say they are the same quality. Here's the link....

Also I ordered some stuff from Mango in the sale, it hasn't arrived yet but the price was just crazy, I got 5 jumpers for £25 and I'm so excited for them to arrive!

I also picked up a fleece lined hoody from Jack Wills with my staff discount, I've been looking at it for ages and since it's the end of the season I caved and bought it! I literally live in it. We still have it in stock and its in the sale! Pick it up here....

But to finish the post here my favourite quote that I found...

Lauren x

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