Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Top 11 2014 movies

So since i'm a film student, this year I want to do some film related blog posts, I know they will not be as popular but its something i've wanted to do for a while.

I seriously wanted to do a top 10 but couldn't decide on just 10 so here are the top 11 films of 2014!

11. The Riot Club
I thought I would absolutely loving this film but it was quite slow paced and not too much happened. The storyline was interesting and the cast was phenomenal but I just expected better.So my best advice with this film is don't go in with any expectations and it will be great.

10. Horrible Bosses 2
When I found out there was going to be a sequel for horrible bosses I had a feeling it would be good but I never expected it to be as funny as the first one! If you enjoyed the first one I would definitely give it a watch because its so easy to watch and Jennifer Aniston is incredible even though she isn't a leading role.

9. 22 Jump Street 
Another film I had high expectations for.... there is one scene which I couldn't stop laughing at, if you've seen the film you will know EXACTLY which scene I am talking about. The main reason this film is number 9 is the fact that it refers to the first film so much, its basic plot points rely on the viewer seeing the first film and a sequel shouldn't have to be like that.... So don't go see this film unless you have seen the first one!

8.The Lego Movie
The lego movie is one of the best animated films I have ever seen! Again it is really easy to watch and the amount of intertextual references means that the audience will like at least one character(for me thats probably Batman) but it just has so many bad puns which made me laugh like an idiot.

7. If I Stay
Where do I start with this film? It gets me every time I watch it (which is admittedly too many times) Never the less If I Stay is a film filled with hope and a lot of heartbreak but shows how people can get through anything if they try. Try not to watch it when you are down because it will absolutely kill you. This film also introduced me to Tom Odell which I will always be grateful for!

6. Let's Be Cops
Let's Be Cops is pretty similar to 21 Jump Street with its level of comedy and the twist at the end makes it even funnier. I would definitely give it a watch if you are into comedies.

5. Bad Neighbours
Dave Franco and Zac Efron make the best team in this film, with the help of Seth Rogen of course! The film soundtrack for Bad Neighbours is also really good, I do listen to it a hell of a lot. Bad Neighbours is one of the easiest films to watch and you can have a good laugh or have it on in the background because you could leave it for 30 minutes and still understand what is going on.

4. Love, Rosie
I will never get over how perfectly done this film is! It is such a heartwarming story (even if it is quite unlikely to happen) but I guess everyone can hope? It just shows how people can miss each other accidentally and at one point everything can line up for something to happen. The cast is perfect and ever since I saw the trailer I knew I needed to see it the day it came out! 

3. X-men
I didn't actually watch this film till New Years Eve and I don't know why it took me so long to watch it because i've always been an X-men fan. The plot is incredible and catchy and the actors are phenomenal.... I think I have fallen slightly in love with James McAvoy but the whole cast are extremely well done. Evan Peters cameo absolutely killed me because I think he's incredible in AHS anyway but the way he did Quicksilver was just incredible. I could talk about all the actors in this film but I would just be a rambling mess about how the casting director needs an award! Defiantly give it a watch if you haven't already.

2.The Interview
So The Interview had so much controversy and I can see why but it is easy the best comedy I have seen all year. All the characters are done very well and its done in typical Seth Rogen Style which is a massive bonus but the jokes and overall style is just brilliant. Number 1 comedy of the year.

1. The Hunger Games - MockingJay Part 1
So number one is The Hunger Games - MockingJay Part 1! Anyone who knows me will know my undying love for Liam Hemsworth and he is absolutely incredible in this, and I know its not the official movie poster but come on he is beautiful! Even through this film is a build up for the final movie I think it was a great storyline and really well done on behalf on locations and stuff like that, the inner film students coming out now...

So I hope you liked the list and hopefully I suggested some films you haven't yet seen this year. Obviously I haven't seen every big film from 2014 yet so I still have stuff like Maze Runner and Interstellar to watch but I guess I could always do an updated post sometime....
Okay so I did see Maze Runner last night and that is 100% in my top of the year!


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